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Relax and let us take your business worries away.Delegate your worries to seasoned professionals.From merger & acquisitions to business advisory.Get started Today!

Relax and let us take your business worries away.

The most successful entrepreneurs know that they don’t always have to take
on the full load of their business problems. You can delegate your worries to seasoned and trusted professionals who can bring you creative business solutions, so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. From merger and acquisitions to business advisory, Advocom Global is your best solution.


With over 30 years in the business, we help companies capitalize on transformative opportunities and solve their most difficult challenges —seamlessly and successfully. As business owners ourselves, we understand your fears and concerns. You need a trusted partner who will not just see you through the gruelling processes of merger and acquisitions, finding funding, or starting a business from scratch. You need someone who understands your love for your business and will look at its overall welfare before anything else.


Get access to a large network of multi-million dollar buyers and long-standing, highly profitable businesses who are ready to buy. Our deep network of connections and years of extensive experience allows us to find you the best possible buyers for your business and get you the best solution to your business challenges, fast and easy.

Whatever industry you’re in, from industrial to manufacturing, our current list of buyers and network of investors gives you: a plethora of opportunities for funding, higher chances of being bought out, and maximum ROI from commodity trading.

Our Services

Advocom Global offers 30 years of education and experience to help you find solutions to your every need. We have a proven track record in assisting businesses source buyers, get funding, grow and scale, save costs, and solve their most pressing business needs through creative and innovative solutions that always deliver.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer complete and comprehensive M&A representation and advisory services to companies looking for growth opportunities and recapitalization. The goal is to connect buyers and sellers who match each other’s goals.

Corporate Financing

Our strong relationship with various lending institutions and expert knowledge in providing company valuations assures you that you get the expansion capital that you need at the best value so you can support your business’ growth.

Advisory Services

Get the mentorship that you need to transform your business through the power of technology, innovation, and collaboration. We know what it’s like, and we’ve been there. We’re here to help make things easier for you and your team.

Energy Conservation Solutions

Our energy conservation solutions help conserve energy by implementing green technologies that save the planet and reduce company costs. Win-Win.

Commodities Trading

If you have commodities that you need to sell and get off your plate before they turn to waste, let us help you find the right buyers and make money instead of losing on your investment.

Past Successes

A sweets company needed help with products that were expiring soon. They either had to sell it to a buyer fast or lose out on the whole investment. We helped them find that buyer fast! Instead of losing all that money to trash, they made $50,000 in revenue.

One of our clients companies needed capital to grow and was getting nowhere with their banker. They came to us for help and we found an institutional investor who gave them the capital they needed to move their business to the next level.

One of our connections tapped us to help them start their business. As they lacked management experience, we helped them build it from scratch to over 20 employees and $8M in sales in five years!

A business owner with a massive tax liability came to us to see if we could help them work around the liability. After a thorough consultation and analysis of the situation, we were able to dramatically reduce the tax liability through an investment in a software transaction.

A company drowning in debt approached us for help after a banker they consulted with about their possible options proposed that they declare bankruptcy. Instead, we found them a private investor who cleared the company’s debt and invested more to grow the business. The business is flourishing to date.

Our existing clients are always on the lookout for more investment opportunities. After locating a business to buy for an existing client, we saw through the process that they secured funding despite only having one key client and thus could not get traditional funding.

We helped them get the funding that they needed to buy the company. This client now has a stronger business with a broad client base.